If you’re sick of me (or still love me), you’ll love today’s guest poster!

I’m excited to introduce you gals (and guy) to Molly from The Nesting Game. Not only is she super creative, she also sits a few windowless cubes over from me and has nice hair. Without further ado, I’d like to turn the imaginary microphone over to Molly….

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Hello, fellow Stalkers! I’m Molly from The Nesting Game. Julie and I made a deal where we’d each blog on each others blogs to create a co-blogging crossover, kind of like those episodes of the Golden Girls where the handsome old doctor and sassy southern nurse from Empty Nest would pop in every once in awhile.

What? You didn’t stay at your grandmother’s house and watch sitcoms for 50 year olds on Saturday nights in the late 80s?

You missed out.

Anyway, Julie and I are cubicle neighbors. And decorating a cube is, to say the least, challenging. Currently I have some spreadsheets and word documents staring me in the face, but some Etsy art may be just what I need to distract me from the joy that is proofreader comments.

There’s pretty much nothing cuter than a French bulldog chewing gum. These prints from Coco de Paris are printed on old book pages, which make me feel good about making the switch to Kindle.

The bright colors and stripes on this print from Twoems are pretty much the antidote to cubicle gray. Plus, it’s called “check mark” to reinforce the fact that I’m always right.

If no suitors are sending you weekly deliveries of fresh flowers, then maybe this woodblock-mounted letterpress print will substitute nicely. Old School Stationers has many pretty ones to chose from.

And finally, this pretty print from Rebekka Seale is a charming reminder to stay true to your self. Another piece of advice I’d add is never “reply to all.”

Thanks for having me, Julie! I’ll race you to the leftover cake in the breakroom.
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Ummmm, did Molly just say there was cake in the breakroom? Anyhoo, thanks for doing the blog swap Molly. Do you want to come decorate my house once you’re done with your cubicle? Seriously.

I also did a guest post on The Nesting Game today for some double trouble. Head on over to read it and to and check out Molly’s decorating adventures.

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