If you don’t like candy corn, then shut it. You’re stupid.

So this weekend my son told me to “buy pumpkins, decorations and candy.” And he was serious. So I went to hunt down decorations (which are already 50% off at some stores because they are busy putting up Christmas decorations – don’t even get me started). Hey, at least it pays to procrastinate.*

Anyhoo, my favorite thing about Halloween is candy corn. And that’s what I shall dedicate today’s post to.

Check out these super clever candy corn crayons (try saying that fast three times in a row) from Art 2 The Extreme.

And if your child is too young to eat candy corn, put her in this dress from Wishes & Dreams. But don’t eat her. That would be bad.

And if your kids misbehave from too much sugar, you can wash their mouths out with candy corn soap from Bean Street Market. Kidding, kidding.

*Speaking of procrastination, I saw a bumper stick that said, “I’ll procrastinate tomorrow.” Even though I hate the idea of bumper stickers, this one made me giggle.

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