I will learn to sew. I will learn to sew. Say it with me – I will learn to sew.

OK – I’m sure I’m late to the game on this, but did you know you could buy sewing patterns on etsy and make your own stuff? Who knew?

Now, I’m not claiming that I know how to sew anything besides a button (and even that is questionable), but I aspire to learn so I can force my daughter to wear matching outfits with me.

Frog Legs and Ponytails claims to have some great patterns for beginners. I’m hoping that by ‘beginner’ she means someone with absolutely no artistic ability at all i.e. me.

Isn’t this the best gift ever? Love it. And if you screw it up, the 3-year-old gift receiver probably won’t notice.

How cute would these be for my daughter’s birthday party? Note to self, plan daughter’s birthday party.

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