I will go out on a Wednesday night. I will go out on a Wednesday night.

So tonight is the hubby’s holiday party at the Georgia Aquarium. While I am excited to go out (hellooooo open bar and free food – my two favorite phrases), it’s a Wednesday. And I work. And have two kids. Two dogs. And one cat. Which means I’m typically too tired to go out at all, much less on a Wednesday.

But, I shall rally and put on a (loose-fitting) dress. So in honor of my big night out, I was going to show you something related to an aquarium. Eh. Fortunately, I came across some jewelery that is infinintly cooler than thatn from Sparkle Couture.

I NEED this jewelry (just as much as I NEEDED to go to DSW at lunch today).

OK, I’m off to fight traffic. To pick up the littles. To take them home. To fight traffic. To go to the aquarium. At least there’s a lighted open bar at the end of the tunnel.

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