I went to the mountains this weekend and didn’t bring my computer. Who am I?

Seriously, I barely recognized myself without it, but I liked what I saw. My friend and I took our daughters for little girls’ getaway to North Georgia and had a blast. And by that I mean we subjected ourselves and our littles to dressing up in old-western gear for photos at one of those cheesy portrait studios. Oh yeah, we went there.

And in case you were wondering, they do make saloon dresses for the under 2-age bracket. I mean seriously, who knew?

I also fulfilled a lifetime dream of going to Babyland General and getting my daughter her first cabbage patch kid. Wow, that sounds so sad when I say it out loud. I have got to set bigger life goals.

Another life goal? To learn how to sew. And when I do, I’m totally going to buy a sewing pdf from Dolls and Daydreams Etsy Store so I know longer have to spend a zillion dollars on a cabbage patch kid.

People, this sewing pattern in only $10 – which makes it perfect for STALKING STUFFER MONDAY. What Whatttttt?! You thought I forgot about it, but I didn’t.

And if I never learn how to sew, ahem, then I’m for sure buying this printable PDF with instructions on how to create this adorbz doll house. Yes please.

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