I went camping. In a cave. With 20 cub scouts. And my four-year old daughter.

True story people. True freaking story. You really haven’t lived until you’ve slept in dirt with people you don’t know while falling asleep to the sweet sounds of random snores echoing throughout the night.

neatothings; Natural rock crystal points druzy type titanium; etsystalkers.com

The whole experience actually turned out to be really fun(ny)—even my daughter LOVED it. Now both of my kids want to live in a cave. I would be all for it if I didn’t have to live there with them. They both agreed that their favorite cave activity, beside sleeping in dirt, was looking for crystals (which were actually just shiny rocks in the cave). If you, in fact, are searching for crystals (or beads) and have no interest in hunting for them in a cave, head on over to NeatOThings, where you can buy them in bulk.

neatothings; Blue lace agate PREMIUM QUALITY faceted flat square; etsystalkers.com

And if you’re interested in making something out of these crystals, I highly suggest taking one of these fabulous jewelry making classes on Craftsy.com:
Jewelry Workshop: Bead, Wrap, Chain & Etch; etsystalkers.com; craftsy.com

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