I used a knife and Lysol spray to save myself from the Craigslist Killer. Turns out she was a really nice pregnant woman that just wanted to buy my chair. AWKWARD.

Note: This has nothing to do with etsy but I had to share what an idiot I am sometimes (a lot of times).
Last week I decided to list our glider chair on Craigslist. Instantly a seemingly nice girl emailed that she was interested and would come and see it (dramatic pause) after work. I wasn’t worried until Gary had to work late and dropped the bomb that she could be the latest Craigslist Killer. Ummm, thanks Gary.
PANIC! Within 30 seconds I called all of my neighbors, but no one was home to come over and protect me. Within 60 seconds, I had googled the chic to find out something. Anything. I couldn’t find very much info (sketchy) so I did the next best thing and hid a knife and some Lysol spray in the room with the Glider in case she tried any funny business. I figured I could spray her in the eyes with Lysol and then protect myself.
 I had also convinced myself that she was going to wear a fake baby bump just to seem like she was prego. Note to self: Stop watching Lifetime Original Movies. 
Made sense to me at the time. 
Fortunately, she was no Cragislist Killerjust a nice lady who bought my chair and didn’t try to kill me at all.
Am I crazy? Yes. Most definitely, yes.

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