I tried to leave a funeral a few minutes early and got stuck behind the hearse where the family was gathered. AWKWARD.

Yes this actually happened to me yesterday. Let me set the scene, I was at the funeral of my dear friend’s father. I had no plans to leave early but it went a little bit long and I knew that I had to get my son of the bus, so I walked to my car at the very, very end thinking I would get ahead of the long line of cars.

I got ahead of some cars but then it happened, I get stuck behind the hearse and the limo as the entire family is getting in to leave. People are hugging family members right in front of my car as I just sat there. Waiting. Embarrassed. And then some other friends walked by and started pointing at me and laughing. And then I missed my son’s bus (fortunately a neighbor got him). I’m going to take a mask to my next funeral. You know, to disguise myself if I need to leave early.

ModCloth Trash Course Mask Etsy Blog
ModCloth Trash Course Mask
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Santa Beard Prop Wooden Christmas Decor
Accoutrements Horse Head Mask Etsy Blog
No one will notice me if I wear this, right?

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