I took the weekend off of Facebook (my entire computer really) and this is what I learned…

  1. I almost missed acknowledging one of my best friend’s birthday (sorry Lori)
  2. I missed nothing else of importance
  3. I had new found time to clean out my refrigerator
  4. I didn’t feel the need to share a picture of my clean refrigerator
  5. I realized that writing in an actual notebook with an actual Pen is still viable and kind of awesome
  6. I completed an extra-long workout at Crossfit (and then had to hold myself back from posting about it on Facebook)
  7. I took my kids to Dollar Tree and spent lots of dollars
  8. I convinced the hubby to hang up some random pictures that we’ve been meaning to hang forever
  9. I took a nap
  10. I went to an Indie Craft show full of amazing local artists. It was basically a room full of Etsy shops.

I’m really proud of myself for Stepping. Away. From. The. Computer. It’s something I realized I needed to do during my trip to Peru and I’m finally implementing it for real. I hope.

Have any of you ever set computer boundaries for yourself? I’d love to hear how  it went. I hear admitting you have a problem is the first step. I’m not looking forward to the detox though 🙂



2 thoughts on “I took the weekend off of Facebook (my entire computer really) and this is what I learned…”

  • I deleted the FB app off my phone. It’s kind of sad how much I was dorking on it. Now, I feel like a addict at times. “I can have just one drink.”

    • Is it strange that the thought of deleting the app never crossed my mind? What’s wrong with me?

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