I think the groomer switched my dog out for a younger, skinnier model.

About nine years ago, my husband and I rescued a lab/chow mix who we named Karma. She has TONS of black hair that even the furminator can’t control. So I took her to a new groomer yesterday for a a little trim to relieve her of the summer heat. And when I came to pick her up I literally thought she was a different dog.
Me: I’m here to pick up Karma.
Them: Sure have a seat and we’ll bring her around.
Cute black puppy comes running out.
Me: Awwww, that’s a cute puppy.
I look around for the dog’s owner.
Them: Ummm, that’s Karma.
Me: No, it’s not.
Them: Yes it is.
Me: Karma? Is that you?
And then I smelled her breath. Yep, it was Karma all right. 
So yeah, apparently my dog is skinny and looks totally different when shaven down.  This is why I need a new dog collar for her from Kippy and Co.

This way I don’t have to question myself about the identity of my dog, who has lived with us for nine years.
And just to reassure you that I’m not totally losing it, my kids and husband also did not recognize her and have given her a new name. So that’s not confusing or anything. 

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