I swam laps. In my neighborhood pool. During adult swim.

Could I BE any more suburban housewife? I don’t know why yesterday was the first time that it actually occurred to me that I could exercise in the pool as opposed to drinking in it, but there I was, swimming six whole laps. Winning.

Now that I’m totally in Olympian shape, I won’t feel so bad about spending the entire day eating to celebrate July 4th. So in the spirit of being totally Americana, today I bring you folkart-ish (yes, it’s a word) décor from Merritt Hyde.

Happy birthday America, you still look so young and pretty. Botox?

By the way, we bought an industrial-size bag of coffee beans at Costco yesterday and a few fell on the ground this morning. My dog then proceeded to eat them. This is not good people, not good at all.

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