I saw a lady pushing an empty baby stroller yesterday. AWKWARD.

I’m not one that typically passes judgement but let’s just say that I’m totally passing judgement on the woman walking down the street with an empty stroller. It’s a good thing I’m so stinking perfect.

Speaking of perfect, we just finished our backyard makeover. The before? Ummm…not good. The after? So freaking good.

There even happens to be room for one of these adorbz playhouses from Prairie Playhouse. I really, really want one of these. I mean, I want one for the kids. Yes, it’s for the kids.

And when they outgrow it, I can use it for the dog. Yes, it’s for the dog.

4 thoughts on “I saw a lady pushing an empty baby stroller yesterday. AWKWARD.”

  • Any chance she was pregnant and was, um, practicing? Or maybe pregnant and getting a used stroller from someone that lived close enough to her that she just walked it home?

  • I don’t get it. I like your blog, but I totally don’t understand what would be judge-able about that? Would you feel better if she were carrying it?

  • @Sarah – yes, possibly practicing. Let’s hope.
    @Lauren – a woman was walking with a stroller but there was no baby involved. Like anywhere.
    @Designwali – totally a new blogging spot. I mean, it’s totally for the kids.

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