I sat in my kid’s baby pool. In the back yard. By myself.

It’s freaking hot in Atlanta. Saturday was the hottest day in HISTORY. Since I couldn’t seem to cool down, I did what every normal 35-year-old does during a heat wave—put on my bathing suit, filled up the baby pool and hopped in for a dip.
It was heaven.
And then I sent the hubby to the grocery store to pick up the biggest watermelon he could find. It’s too hot to eat real food, so I stick with juicy food.
Since summer began, along with it came my obsession with watermelon which of course lead me to these awesome pieces of art from Sippin Southern.
I would hang these outside but they may actually melt.

As a side note,  I’m going scream if I see one more Facebook post with a picture of a car temperature.

I get it. It’s freaking hot.

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