I need your opinion

What’s your philosophy on eating a banana that’s looking not so nice? Typically I go for it, but today may be pushing it a tad too far. Even for me. And I eat anything.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to toss my brown bananas over to my dog. Wait, can dogs eat bananas? Eh. She eats everything else.

She may get a stomachache, but I’ll make it up to her with a nice long walk and a new leash holder from Aplomb Designs.

Aren’t these a great way to add some spunk to your dog’s life? Please note that my dog does not in fact need any more spunk. I’d actually love to figure out a way to de-spunktify her.

On a totally random note, the song, “If I had a million dollars” is totally stuck in my head today. Now you have it stuck in your head too. Why should I have to suffer alone?

1 thought on “I need your opinion”

  • Those are the ones that you use to make banana bread. The ones that are almost totally brown on the outside.

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