I may or may not have just fallen in love…

With a Porcelain Flower Lace Wall Pocket. Well those are words I never thought would come from my mouth. But they did. You complete me Porcelain Flower Lace Wall Pocket. You complete me.

Now that I’ve gotten that out, we can move on — to bowls. I love me these bowls from Hideminy. I also love me some macaroons. Sweet, sweet macaroons. Nom. Nom. Nom.

I swear I’m not licking the screen right now. That would be wrong. And weird.

Now I must feed the tapeworm. I don’t like to anger her.

1 thought on “I may or may not have just fallen in love…”

  • Funny you should mention your pet tapeworm. Ever had one in real life? I have not. My husband, however, is on meds for his first one. Let me just say, I’m pretty sure I’m off fish for the rest of my life.
    Oh yeah, btw, those wall pockets are so friggin’ cute.

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