I may or may not have accidentally spent 10 minutes at the wrong holiday party on Friday night.

Yeah, of course I did.

As we’re heading into the hubby’s holiday party he tells me to introduce myself to people if he can’t remember their names (he’s really bad with names). So into the party we head, order drinks and start mingling. All of a sudden someone approaches us and asks if we’re with the right party. Ummmm…how am I supposed to know? Yeah, we were totally at the wrong party – and the hubby just thought it was a lot of spouses there. Oy vey.

I guess the weekend wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make a fool out of myself.

I really have no good transition from that embarrassing story to the awesome bags from ira grant. Well maybe the transition is that these bags are so great that you won’t ever feel embarrassed while wearing one.

And hey, people may like your bag so much that you’ll get invited to stay at party. Even if it’s the wrong one.

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