I like shoes. There I said it.

No, I really, really like shoes. In general I would prefer not to wear any at all, but since that’s looked down upon in the work place (rude), I buy them. And I prefer for them to be pretty.

So how many of you have Toms? You do, just admit it. And you wear them a lot.

Well there’s good news for those of you that wear them out. There’s a clever new etsy shop, Fancy Toms, that brings them back to life. You know, makes them all perrrty.

Now all of you dirty hippies, won’t be so dirty. You’ll just be hippies.

And I happen to know the ladies that own this shop. They’re cool. Like me.

P.S. I hate high heals. I don’t own a single pair and it’s only partially because my hubby is a shorty.

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