I have new eyeballs. I CAN SEE.

Yep, after a decade of wanting Lasik, I finally went through with it. The outcome? 20/20 vision suckas! It was totally successfulbesides having a major panic attack during the actual lasering.
Can you

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blame me for freaking out?? My eyeball flaps were just waving in the wind.

Now that the flaps are back in place, I feel like I need a new sunglass case from The Zakka to protect the shades that protect my new eyeballs.
Confused? Now you know how I feel daily.
Do you think that I over think things? I don’t think so.

3 thoughts on “I have new eyeballs. I CAN SEE.”

  • Completely jealous. Completely. Like, I got glasses in the 5th grade and now that I’m 36, I can’t see squat without contacts. Or glasses. Although, not the ones I wore in the 5th grade. This isn’t going the way I had planned. Please tell me more about it. I’m scurd in the worst kind of way, but really, really want to wake up and see without a prosthetic.

  • OH MY GOD I know exactly what you’re talking about with the panic attack. Nobody tells you that it will be one of the most horrifying experiences of your life, or that the Valium they give you won’t do squat. So very worth it, but it took me weeks to get over that.

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