I had to explain to Darren why brothers can’t marry sisters.

Obviously, I gave the logical answer, You dont marry your family. He came right back at me and gave the response, Well what if you go on a trip for a really long time and forget about that person. Then when you come back, you dont remember its someone in your family so then you can marry her.
Ummmm, sign this kid up for law school because his argument is sort of convincing.
If youre looking to expand your family tree (I said expand, not combine), you need to check out the personalized ceramic pieces from Hull’s Happiest Days Designs. 
So cute for to celebrate a non-sibling wedding.
Is it just me or do you now want to shove your face with cake?

3 thoughts on “I had to explain to Darren why brothers can’t marry sisters.”

  • Soon so soon he will forget this conversation. Boys are so funny. Mine asked me at the dinner table “why can’t I get pm’s and be grumpy too” grandma about fell out if her chair laughing…
    He’s now 24 and swears he never said this. I have witnesses 🙂

  • Found you via your comment on Kristen’s blogpost. Just finished going through every post. Love your wit!

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