I had no Wi-Fi for four days. And I lived to tell you about it.

We took the kids to a cabin in the mountains for the first part of their spring breaks only to find there was no Wi-Fi. I was literally walking up and down the street with my computer open trying to pick up a signal. Nothing weird about that.

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After realizing what a complete moron I looked like, I sat down and gave myself a good talking to until I reached to final stage of no connection – acceptance. Sure there was some twitching as part of the withdrawal process but in the end I survived.

With the lack of Internet, I was forced to head outside into the wilderness (which I guess is actually the point of renting a cabin). And you know what? We had THE BEST time.

Now all my kids want to do is head outside, which means I’m dying to get them one of these awesome tents from Such Great Heights. Fortunately they can easily be folded and put away for when the kids realize we are back home and do in fact have Wi-Fi again.

Side note: My Jewish children participated in three Easter egg hunts this year, which made it the best Passover ever for them.

Want to make one yourself (or possibly for me)? Take an awesome online sewing class with Craftsy!
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