I had a stare down with a piece of lemon cake. The lemon cake won.

Technically, my belly won. I mean really, there’s only so many times I can go into Starbucks and walk past that counter of baked deliciousness without breaking down and eating something. Besides, I need to layer my body fat for the winter. It’s getting cold up in here.

Speaking of cold, the doors and windows in my house are about 40 years old. What does that mean? It gets freaking drafty. So instead of going out and buying all new windows, I’ve decided to buy some Draft Stoppers from OGSPLOSH.

Seriously, how adorably functional are these? And they’re way more cost effective than buying new windows.

And if you don’t have a drafty home:
(1) I hate you
(2) You can give these to your kids to use as swords
(3) You can use it as a pregnancy pillow if you’re super skinny (looking at you Rachel Zoe)

1 thought on “I had a stare down with a piece of lemon cake. The lemon cake won.”

  • I’m off now to find a piece of lemon cake…I will blame the extra Zumba on you this week! 🙂

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