I got a babysitter and a migrane all in the same night.

Seriously people. We got the air conditioning fixed yesteray. Yay. We got a babysitter for last night. Double Yay. An then I got a migrane. Triple boo.

I made it as far as the restaurant, then we had to pack up and head home because there was no way I could endure being out any longer.

If only I had remembered to bring my eye pillow and neck wrap from Comfy Creations to the restaurant. I think that would of gone over well. What? Too much?

I could of said they’re a new trend started by suburban housewives that get extreme headaches. It could happen.

Fortunately I’m feeling way better today because we have a photographer coming to our house to take family pictures in T minus two hours. If someone can tell me how to lose five pounds in two hours I will give you a prize. Or an eye pillow.

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