I give thanks for my kids (especially when they’re asleep).

During this week of Thanksgiving Id love to point out how much I truly love my children. Even when theyre not listening, making messes and mocking me (which is always).
But man, when those two are asleep, they are my perfect little angels (until Taylor sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night). Seriously, those 5 precious hours alone makes me realize how boring life would be without them.
Note to self: Get a life.
Because its the season of saying thanks and giving gifts, Ive been searching high and low trying to figure out what to get my kids. Until now.
Im giving Taylor the gift (drumroll please) of me. Seriously.  Im hoping that having a life-sized picture of me from Tim Michael Arts hanging in her room may prevent her from venturing into my bed every. Single. Night.
And even if it doesn’t help, I’ve always wanted to have one of these done.  Please note: None of these are actually pictures of me. Except the dude in the car—that’s totally me.

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