I gave up something for Lent. And I’m Jewish.

What? Is that strange or something? Here’s the deal-I’m going to a beach wedding in about six weeks with one of my BFFs (can we say Spring Break 2012)! She’s Catholic. Me, not so much.

In order to get our bodies beach ready to fit into matching Land’s End mommy bathing suits, she proposed we both give up eating after 8PM for Lent. Gasp!

And just in case I don’t keep Lent (you know, since I’m Jewish), I’m going to invest in a full coverage beach towel from Sunny Stiches.

Awesome right?

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a bathing suit besides Lands End? Thankyouverymuch.

7 thoughts on “I gave up something for Lent. And I’m Jewish.”

  • You’re hysterical – I love it! I have seen really cute suits at Athleta (online).

  • @Jenny – THANK YOU! I had never thought of looking there before.

    @Ansley – I love Land’s End Canvas but they mostly have bikinis and no one needs to see that.

  • Victoria’s Secret actually has a pretty large selection of one pieces and tankinis. They have flattering cuts and they aren’t all made for crazy itty bitty models. I have one of their tankinis and love it.

  • @Nickie – thanks for the suggestion! I’m thinking I should wait until I get home from work to pull up the VS secret site. AWKWARD.

  • Try Athleta or Title Nine. One year my sister-in-law and I accidentally arrived at the beach in matching suits from Athleta – much to the chagrin of our offspring.

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