I donated the wrong bag to Goodwill. For Realz.

I’ve been on a cleaning binge, like I’ve dropped off crap at Goodwill three times in the past week. One of those bags happened to include a collection of teddy bears that neither of my kids have looked at for the past year. Or so I thought.

Fast forward to Sunday when we attended a build-a-bear birthday party. Fun, cute, yadadyada. Here’s the problem, my son came home from the party wanting to take out all of his old teddy bears. Ummmm, yeah.

And that’s where my web of lies began. I decided to tell him that I gave them to my prego friend (sorry Traci) so she can give them to her baby which he in turn tells me, “That baby’s not even born yet! Get them back!” I thought he would forget, but for the next two days he kept asking if I had called/emailed Traci to “get my teddy bears back!”

Can you see where this is going? No? Well yesterday I went to the Goodwill where I donated the bears and I found two of them on the shelves. Yes, I bought them back. And I nearly had a throw down with a teddy bear hoarder who had a basket full of them. Seriously, does this stuff only happen to me?

What does this have to do with etsy? I have no idea. Actually, here’s a good tie-in. Timrava makes adorbz teddy bears. I need to put this chick on speed dial for when I accidentally donate something I shouldn’t.

Mother of the year, people. I’m freaking mother of the year.

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