I actually threw up in my mouth today. Ummm yeah.

I recently (Tuesday) had this crazy idea to up and join a Crossfit gym. Whats Crossfit you ask?
Their definition: A strength and conditioning program that’s constantly varied, highly intense, and uses functional movement…intense, demanding all-out physical exertion.”
My definition: Throw up in my mouth.
Sorry if that was TMI but I had to share (brag about) my new workout routine. 
Because I went to workout before heading into the office (bragagain), I realized that I really need a new gym bag from Zakken. The grocery bag from Trader Joes that I carried today isn’t cutting it.  I need pockets and zippers and a bag that can turn into a purse once I quit working out again.
Now I must stop typing. My fingers are sore.

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