Hubba-hubba. Yes please. Wowza.

So this email landed in my inbox yesterday, “Have you seen anything on etsy that would make a great family calendar? Enjoying your blog. Would also like some ideas on new baby gifts. Thanks so much!”

Helllloooo. Of course I’ve seen about a million things that would be perfect for you. But since you would get really bored of me babbling about a million items, today I’ll just concentrate on baby gifts for girls. Why? Because they are cutie patuties.

Check out this beautiful necklace made for kids from Nest Pretty Things Kids. It’s perfect for the baby that has everything. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience. Ahem.

And hellooooo. Let’s just say you need to buy a big sister gift. How about getting this matching bracelet?

And maybe, this new baby is born with actual hair – you could shower her with one-of-a-kind bobby pins. Yes please.

Stay tuned for calendar and baby boy recommendations. I know, I know. You’re on the edge of your seats. It’s a cliffhanger with more plot twists than ‘Who Shot JR’.

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