How many times is too many to go to Starbucks in one day?

Two? Three? I draw the line at four.

As you can see I’m a tad hyped up on coffee these days. I mean I’m not. I mean I am.

Here’s the deal – I don’t have an office to go into this week, and I don’t do well sitting still (except when It comes to exercise) so I’ve been getting out of the house by visiting Starbucks. A lot.

I’m also busy planning Taylor’s second birthday – ohhhh how I look forward to the terrible twos. I’m being facetious people. It’s not going to be pretty – fortunately, her celebration will be with these awesome decorations from Steph loves Ben.

Even I can’t make these decorations look bad. Actually I probably can.

And if you have no parties in your near future (LOSER), you can start decorating for the holidays before Thanksgiving (BIGGER LOSER).

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