Hooommmmmmmmm. Hoooommmmmm.

So one time (not at band camp), my best friend and I decided to take one of those hot yoga classes. We walked in, the teacher shuts the door and then tells us it’s better if we don’t step out of the room for the next 90 minutes. And it was 105 degrees in there. Not a good place for someone who gets claustrophobic, nor for someone who can’t be serious for more than 5 minutes.

In conclusion, yoga is not for me. But, I do get that it’s great for strength and sanity (both of which I could use a little more of in my life). So I can totally appreciate these superbly duperly cute yoga mat slings from oGorgeous.

These almost make me want to try yoga again. I said almost people.
Now go do a downward dog. Or a Baddha Konasana (google it). But be sure not to laugh. Hardcore yogis don’t like that. oGorgeous

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