Hey Summer – Not Sure if You Heard, But Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I know I’ll be kicking myself (and I bruise easily) for dreaming about cooler temperatures, but it’s almost October and it’s still 90 degrees in Atlanta. I’m looking forward to a time when I can slip into my stretchy pants because it’s cold out and not just because my jeans won’t zip.

But since today is technically the first day of fall, I decided to show you the most awesomely customized silhouetted artwork (what, you’ve never heard of those?) that I have ever seen. They are sort of related to fall. No? Well just shut it and play along.

You simply email Apple Blossom Print a photo and she transforms it into art. I’m thinking this is a way better thing to do with your photos than uploading them to some photo gallery that you’ll never look at again. Not that I don’t look at my Kodak galleries to see my kids. OK, I don’t – you caught me.

But I would look at these prints from Apple Blossom Print all of the time. Why? Because my kids rule.

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