Hey Mr. man who stole my identity and took it to eat at McDonald’s, you’re BUSTED!

Apparently some dude replicated my credit card and was swiping it all over New York City yesterday. Of course I was oblivious because I was too busy shopping online to notice. Fortunately, my credit card company caught it quickly.

Jeez, why don’t you steal someone else’s card? For example, someone that actually has money. Or better yet, try getting a job instead of buying shoes at Foot Locker and then taking yourself out to lunch at McDonald’s.*

I pretty much blame Dig This Chick for distracting me from noticing the fraudulent activity. I mean seriously, how am I supposed to concentrate with all of this cuteness?

Here’s an idea for ya, buy one of these cute shirts to commemorate your summer trip instead of a stupid, “Montana is for lovers” ashtray. Not that you would buy an ashtray for your kids. That would just be wrong.

*If I had stolen someone’s credit card (totally hypothetical of course), I would eat someplace a little more upscale than McDonald’s. Just sayin’.

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