Hey Etsy Sellers, I Have Good News For You…

Hey Etsy Sellers, I Have Good News For You…

Problem: You sell your awesome products on Etsy and want to get more eyes on your shop. And while you’re an awesome sewer, baker, crafter, whatever, you don’t know how to make banner ads. I mean who does, really?

Etsy Blog Banner Play
Banner Play

Solution: Well now I can introduce you to an App that does it all. I’m super excited to tell you about BannerPlay—it lets you create stunning banner campaigns to promote your products and it’s really, really easy. Really.

  • Select a product to promote from your shop
  • The system automatically creates a beautiful set of customized banner ads that include all of the product’s details including price, image, description and your seller’s ratings
  • Then, according to the media plan you decide on,  BannerPlay publishes your banners on their premium network of websites (while also utilizing your product’s keywords and geo targeting)

Check out this video to find out how easy it truly is to get more eyes on your shop and get going!

BannerPlay App Etsy Stalkers
BannerPlay App

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