Hellloooo Friday. Come to mama.

Golly gee, I’m so happy it’s Friday. The weekend has finally arrived and with it comes sunshine, swimming, margaritas, and a visit from my father-in-law (otherwise known as my baby’s daddy daddy).

Of course I need a new bag to bring to the pool, which is why I’m super happy I found Ikabags. Here’s my plan, distract the masses from my pale, roly poly body with one of these awesome bags. On second thought, I’m going to need a bigger bag – way bigger.

By the way, my bathing suit arrived from Lands End and I love it. The white pants, on the other hand, are totally see-through. I’m sorry, but I choose to wear pants for a reason. If I wanted the world to have a direct view of my butt, I would opt to wear no pants at all. Sorry for the visual. Really sorry.

6 thoughts on “Hellloooo Friday. Come to mama.”

  • I like the way you think! Personally, I opt for LOTS of self-tanner to hide the white, but then I can’t swim because it will wash off. I just blogged about my cute new bag, and it says “pig feed” on it. Don’t think I’ll carry that one to the pool 🙂

  • great finds! I’m an etsy stalker too!

    Thanks for your comment! Don’t worry, I definitely won’t run 5 miles each day this week, but maybe I’ll think about it 🙂

  • I’ve had a crush on Ikabags for a long time. But once you add up the price of the bag and the price of shipping I can’t do it. SIgh.

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