He Ain’t Getting Any Younger

Hey Stalker,
I’m planning a 70’s themed party for the hubby’s 40th birthday and I need to find some themed party favors and decorations. Any help or advice would be great.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Party Planner

Dear Planner,
Your hubby must be really, really old – just an observation. Since he probably doesn’t have much time left, I’m willing to help.

How about using these cupcake toppers from That’s a Wrap?

And if you’re looking for an awesome ‘peace’ (OK, terrible pun but I couldn’t help myself), of jewelry, check out Purple Cactus Studios. Actually, don’t, I want that necklace so you can’t have it.

And, you can send your guests home with some deliciousness (otherwise referred to as rainbow-coated oreos) from The TomKat Studio.

Good luck with your planning – I hope your husband isn’t too old to enjoy it.


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