Have I ever told you that I one time applied to be a writer for Spanx?

I mean hellloo, I’m a perfect fit (pun totally intended). I’m a writer AND I happen to need a little lift and tuck at times.

Can you believe that they freaking never even called me back? RUDE. I’m never using Spanx again. Actually I am – no one needs to see this situation in a tight dress without lycra. Just saying.

Anyhoo, since I’ll still be using the Spanx, I can afford to eat a little more, which is why I’m happy I found Andie’s Specialty Sweets. These buttons are edible people. That’s right, you. Can. Eat. These.

I seriously can’t believe this is all food. It’s like my ooompa loompa dream has finally come true. Now if only I could find a chocolate stream to dive into…

4 thoughts on “Have I ever told you that I one time applied to be a writer for Spanx?”

  • Think of how much more successful Spanx would of been with me. They’re totally just a mom and pop organization now 🙂

  • I stumbled upon her stuff the other day because those snakes were in a collection on the front page. Amazing!

  • So, is it wrong to admit that I wear Preggo Spanx and I’m not preggers? It’s about comfort, people- I need it.
    Sorry, TMI. Off to buy candy like my life depends on it. That candy looks serious good. Nom.

    The Anonymous Renee

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