Happy Purim to my Jewish Peeps.

What is Purim you ask? Google it. I know, I’m a wealth of information.

In summary, you dress up in costumes, eat a lot and drink excessively (which makes it my kind of holiday).

With dressing up on my mind, I stumbled upon these adorable superhero capes from The Lazy Owl. Seriously, wouldn’t these make the perfect birthday gift, party favor or wedding gift. OK, maybe not for a wedding.

Now I’m off to go eat hamantaschen. Google. It.

2 thoughts on “Happy Purim to my Jewish Peeps.”

  • Happy Purim! My kids always wanted to dress like Batman and Spiderman…hmmm not very Haman and Mordechai but it works! Cheers to Hamentashen…I don’t really like it that much but it doesn’t stop me from eating it.

  • Ah ha! This explains the little spiderman I passed on the sidewalk this morning. Happy Purim! – jackie

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