Happy Monday (I can say that because I’m not working today). Crappy Monday if you’re actually working.

Happy Monday (I can say that because I’m not working today). Crappy Monday if you’re actually working.

Good news – I have something to cheer you up!

I’m super psyched to introduce a new Etsy Stalkers Interview Feature to you. I have lovingly named it (drum roll please)…Seven Minutes in Heaven With an Etsy Seller. This weekly feature will introduce you to a real-live seller on etsy. Here’s the twist (there’s always one, isn’t there)? Each seller will be asked the same seven questions – won’t it be fun to see how each one answers? It will be fun, oh yes, it will.

Without any further ado, please enjoy Seven Minutes in Heaven With Cerra’s Flower Shop!

Do you like that song, She’s Crafty by the Beastie Boys?
I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this – but I don’t know the song. Does that take away points from my awesomeness?
Umm yes, yes it does.

What was the last thing you made?
The last thing that I made and finished were some penguin ornaments as a custom order. Right now I’m part of the way through sewing a heart fishing set.

What is the last thing you bought on etsy?
I bought a Christmas present for a friend of mine. I think all but three of the purchases that I’ve made over the last 4.5 years on Etsy have been as gifts for others.
I’ve never received a gift from you. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

What would it take to get you to complete all my craft projects,
quietly, and let me the credit for them? Like a ghost writer but different?

You’d need to find me a body double. I already feel that I spend too much time away from my son.
Please, who is more important, me or your son?

Do you have another job? Like one where you need to wear pants that actually button?
I don’t think so. Some people consider staying home full-time with a child a job, though, so yes?
Staying home full-time with a child is like jumping into a pot of crazy so yes, it’s a full-time gig that allows you to wear comfy pants.

Favorite article of clothing? Can I have it?
My “Brooklyn” hoodie that was purchased for me on one of my trips to NYC. And no, sorry. It is my comfort clothing and has seen more living than most people, let alone articles of clothing!
Sounds stinky – you can keep it.

How long did it take you to make your first sale? Did you feel like a loser at first?
I actually made a sale within my first week. That was back in early 2007, though, so there wasn’t a whole lot on Etsy to be lost in. Admittedly, if I go more than about a week without a sale now I start to question myself.
Made your first sale within a week? BRAG.

For extra credit: If you could go back in time (and you can’t), what would you do differently with your shop?
Maybe this will gain back the points I lost for not knowing that BBoys tune? I think I would’ve tried to take better photos from the beginning and maybe opened up a separate shop for supplies. But, the feedback and establishing myself that way by selling supplies has helped build up buyer confidence.
Extra credit points earned, but you should seriously go download She’s Crafty.

Isn’t Sarah super cool and awesome? She is. And she’s giving too – she’s giving you a 25% of coupon in her shop just by using code ETSYSTALKERS at check out. So go forth and shop!

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