Happy Heb-ster!

What’s Heb-ster you ask? It’s Easter, with a Hebrew twist. Being that it’s Passover and Easter all at the same time, this weekend is extra special for every religion. Unless you’re an atheist. You get nothing.

In honor of all the religions, my friend is throwing a Heb-ster Egg Hunt. There truly is nothing like searching for eggs filled with matzo treats. Really it’s a win-win.

Since it’s too late to order heb-ster decorations online and get them delivered in time for the holiday, today I’m letting you in on a little etsy secret – printable decorations from Paper & Cake.

You buy. You print. It’s like you’re getting rewarded for being a total slacker. Now you’re talking my language; the language of slack.

By the way, after reading yesterday’s blog post, my mother informed me that she prefers to wear a floral moo-moo and NOT a spandex full-coverage bathing suit. Why? Because it gives her room to grow – smart woman.

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