Happy Friday from Etsy Stalkers. Enjoy some fun weekend deals!


If youre like me, every spring you look into your closet and wonder what you actually wore last year. Which then leads to an excessive shopping trip, which then leads to extreme brokenness.
Fortunately theres Layla Grayce and all of its awesomeness. And now Layla Grayce rules even more because you get 20% off all apparel with promo code style20 through March 31. So you can look all perrty without making your bank account look ugly.

And then we have Craftsy. If youve never heard of this site, it offers online classes that teach you how to create all of those things you wish you knew how to do like:
Etsy Online Jewelry Making Classes
Etsy Online Cake Decorating Class
Etsy Online Sewing Class
Craftsy also offers great deals on craft supplies and patterns from indie designers. Check out Craftsy  and let me know what you think!

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