Happy Cinco-de-Drinko

In the good old days, Cinco de Mayo meant heading out to the bars and drinking lots (and lots) of margaritas. In the good new days, it means staying in and drinking lots (and lots) of margaritas. Personally I’m pretty happy drinking at home. What’s that saying, “Home is where the drink is?”

If I’m going to do Cinco-de-Drinko right, I have to pretty up my margaritas. Fortunately, I found just the right rimmers at Dell Cove Spices (feel free to insert rimmer joke here, but frankly I’m too classy and mature for that. Heh.)

By the way, when I got married and registered, I HAD to have 12 margarita glasses. What was I thinking? I don’t even really have 12 friends.

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