Guest Blogger What Whaaat?

Today, The Stalker is on vaca, which probably means she’s sitting in an unmarked Toyota Corolla stalking a personalized letterpress invitation maker’s apartment in Williamsburg.

Don’t worry, The Stalker plans ahead and brought in a guest blogger! Hey, I heard that grooooan. But don’t fret, we’re practically the same person. I have a manorexic husband and I like, LOVE to shop on Etsy. I even own two Land’s End bathing suits, which reminds me…

Last week I was asked by an elderly lady at my child’s daycare if I was wearing pajama jeans, “like the ones on TV.” I was not. (bows head in shame)

First off, those PJ Jeans are like 40 bucks, which is insanity. Second, I might have been wearing maternity jeans — 7 months after popping a baby out. (Hey, all jeans should have an elastic waistband.) Third, I need to clean my sloppy act up. Fast.

I clearly need some smart, new, loose-fitting stylishness, like these adorbz clothes from ZoeChen that look NOTHING like pajamas.

I like that each piece is unique and comes with a whimsical little story – what a cute way to distract attention from my postpartum butt.

See, that wasn’t so bad, The Stalker will return shortly. And I highly suggest you enter THE GIVEAWAY. Why? Because I’m sort of a bully.

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