Give-a-way. Say it with me. Give-a-way.

I’m freaking excited. So you remember the awesome chalkboard tags and beautiful twine from My Sweet Life? Well, she’s giving away some to one of my very lucky readers.

No she didn’t. Oh yes she did.

Here’s the deal – go do a little stalking at My Sweet Life, then head back here and let me know what you’re most thankful for this year. Winner will be randomly generated and announced on Black Friday!!!

I seriously have so much to be thankful for this year:
(1) I have a great family. My son is the funniest person glueless full lace wigs I’ve ever met. My daughter is the happiest baby on the block. And the hubby is pretty great (at fixing things)
(2) I’m thankful that my life is at times overwhelming, as opposed to being underwhelming
(3) I have free HBO for 6 months
(4) There has been no restraining order issued for celebrity human hair wigs my etsy stalking

Now go forth and comment!

11 thoughts on “Give-a-way. Say it with me. Give-a-way.”

  • Oh,my. Super cute stuff at her website!

    I am most thankful that my family is healthy, together and we have a roof over our heads. We are so blessed!

  • These are adorable. I also love her treat picks. What am i thankful for…finding this blog (I, too, am an Etsy stalker), a happy, healthy baby girl and a husband who is willing to look past all my flaws (I am currently a stressed-out mommy with a FT and PT job) and remember the woman he fell in love with.
    reporterkc at hotmail DOT com

  • I am thankful for zing zang. It turns stress into bliss.

    My Thanksgiving resolution is to be more organized so these would be perfect. Pick me etsy stalker pick me!!!

    It’s like Julie’s favorite things show!! Now bring out the Uggs for all your loyal followers.

  • Thankful for my wonderful, silly, crazy children – my husband who really does do almost everything I ask, my over involved family…..and my amazing friends, including the one who writes this blog.

  • I am most thankful for my health and for wonderful family & friends!

    Christine Lowe
    (you know my email address!)

  • I am thankful for my friend Amy, who shared your blog, living in Chicago, the summer of living large, the health of my parents, my friends’ new babies, and especially my husband and daughter!

  • hey julie! i’m grateful for french silk pie on thanksgiving. with REAL whipped cream, REAL butter, and made the right way with RAW eggs. it’s a gamble i’m willing to make 🙂 which reminds me, i’m also grateful for my health. modestmaven [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Hi Julie! Your blog is always so fun! And I’m thankful that you do the etsy stalking and I just have to look at your site to see the cutest stuff! Have a good thanksgiving!

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