Gifts for Sisters (Not Sister Wives)

Have you seen that show yet? It follows the day-to-day life of a polygamist family and they call all of the wives “Sister Wives.” Don’t lie, you love it.

OK, this post is not about human hair lace front wigs polygamy, but it is about gifts for sisters. And boy do I ever have a clever idea. How about giving each of your sisters one of these awesome necklaces from Artisans. Each stone could represent each sister – get it? Clever, eh?

More sisters? No problemo (that’s Spanish for ‘problem’). Check out this lace front wigs beauty.

And if you’re not into the whole “stones to represent sisters’ analogy, you can just buy yourself (and by ‘yourself’, I really mean me) one of these. Me likey my idea. Patting myself on my back now.

3 thoughts on “Gifts for Sisters (Not Sister Wives)”

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