Freaking Monday

My daughter was up all night. My son threw up. I was stuck in traffic. And it was pouring down rain. And that was all before I got to work at 8:30 this morning. Oh, and I couldn’t find my umbrella this morning. So now my hair monofilament wigs looks like crap. At least my bad hair may distract people from staring at the huge zit that now lives on my chin.

It’s a good thing I stumbled upon Umbrella Heaven to happy up my day.

Check it, they are awesome enough to distract people from my terrible hair day AND my terrible zit. Pretty much worth their Silk Top Lace Wigs weight in gold.

And may I suggest not pissing off the owner of this umbrella? It’s really pointy – ouchers.

5 thoughts on “Freaking Monday”

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