For the love of gawd, just end it already Oprah.

I love Oprah as much as the next gal, but seriously, this final season is just a tad dramatic don’t ya think? It’s like the most dramatic rose ceremony ever for the lady. We get it, the show is ending, but the world is not – as proved by the world actually not ending on Saturday.

Since this is the week of Oprah, I’ve decided to feature awesome Chicago-inspired artwork today.

These awesome subway signs from Flying Junction would look great in any home. Trust me. Or don’t, whatever.

Or maybe this little diddy from A Name Framed is more your style.

And I’m pretty much obsessed with this EL map from Big Nickel Graphics.

And now I’m off to literally worship Oprah so I don’t get struck down by lightening (yep, she controls that too).

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