For The Love of Awesomeness, Get. Me. These. Pillows.

Today I was going to write about something back-to-school related but totally got side-tracked when I set my eyes on these numbers from dede etsy shop . So I decided, ehhh, the kids can wait. They can pretty much fend for themselves.

What my life really needs is more throw pillows (mother-of-the-year, right?) I’ll have one of these.

And three of these. Hands off people, I’m not afraid to get in a pillow fight (heeeyyyoooo).

And I just noticed that dede etsy shop was featured on Good Morning America. So everyone probably already has one of these pillows. But I don’t care, because I don’t.

1 thought on “For The Love of Awesomeness, Get. Me. These. Pillows.”

  • O.M.G. I love these! Especially the one with the circles at the top.

    I’m loving your blog — you enabler, you! I can never find anything good on etsy when I look, so this is just what I need.

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