Everyone That Wants To Do My Laundry Say “I”. Hello? Anyone?

Thanks a lot. Mad at you. And exhausted. I literally have not sat down this entire weekend. Except for now – I hate typing standing up. It makes me feel like a bank teller.

Even with such a busy weekend, I did manage to fit in a little etsy time. And it’s a good thing, because I stumbled upon these awesome pieces of art from Mooza Designs. Is it weird that I totally want these to hang on to doors of my kids’ rooms? Don’t answer that.

Check out these rockin’ house numbers. They could make even the lamest house look a little less lamer.

And if these will give me the power to sleep better, than they are worth a million bucks, which unfortunately I don’t have so you’re out of luck Mooza Designs.

By the way, do you see me as the Andy Rooney of the blog world? He’s the old and irrelevant dude that comes on at the end of 60 minutes. Do you even know who that is? You can be honest with me (if your honest answer includes praises and compliments).

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