Email of the day from one of my BFFs…

I have officially hit my mid-thirties in stride.
Got a sewing machine as a birthday gift.
Was also genuinely excited about getting the Lands End catalog.

I mean helloooo? Who wouldn’t love to get a sewing machine and the Lands End catalog on the same day? She’s one freaking lucky gal. What next – dinner at Cracker Barrell with enough time to shop in the store and play on the rocking chairs? My friend is living. the. dream.

You know what else I bet my friend would lurve for her birthday? A pair of these super cozy socks from rg socks.

It’s the mid-thirties version of slipping into something more comfortable.

When we hit the mid-fourties will we be into long flannel night gowns and wearing robes to the mailbox? I sure hope so.

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