Do you think one of these a day would keep the doctor away?

It’s apple season. And I can’t get my mind off of them. I’m like the Forrest Gump of apples – apple pie, apple fritters, apple juice, apple butter, apple crunch cereal…you get the picture. It’s really an unhealthy obsession with something healthy.

Lollipops Sugar Shoppe has taken apples to an entirely new level and covered them in deliciousness. Hold on, I need a moment alone with these. OK. I’m back.

Can I have a do-over on my birthday? I want this as my cake. Oh wait, no one got me a cake this year. I live a very sad existence. Hubby, you can make it up anytime with an apple from Lollipops Sugar Shoppe.

And please, don’t try making these at home. Trust me, I tried and ended up with something even my 3-year-old thought was ugly.

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