Do you have friends that don’t drink? Me neither.

You know when you’re invited to someone’s home at the last minute and you’re all like, “I need to bring them something but I have no idea what to bring?” I typically bring a bottle of wine, but let’s say you have friends that don’t drink (this is a hypothetical situation of course). What to do? What to do?

Well I have located the cutest hostess gifts ever. Check out these amazing letterpress coasters from from Medowlark Creative. They are perfect for wine glasses (yay) or water glasses (boooo).

These calendar coasters are pretty much made for me (hint to anyone coming over to my house) because my two most common activities are drinking and wondering what day it is. Hmmmm, I wonder if those two are at all related? Nahhhh.

By the way, in a strange twist of events, I’m not hungry today. I know, that never happens, right?! Maybe it’s the 4 cups of coffee I’ve had. Can’t. Stop. Shaking.

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